Montreal Team

Monika Spolia, Representative, Montreal

MonikaBorn in India, Monika Spolia grew up in Canada. She finished her BSc. in Physics and Mathematics at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Always fascinated by cultures and grass-root movements, she travelled to India to pursue her Masters in Anthropology at the University of Rajasthan in Jaipur. During this time, she also conducted independent research on Adivasi (indigenous people) in India and worked on a resettlement action plan for villages in Rajasthan. Her works were published in the articles in 'Fairs and Festivals of Indian Tribes' and in 'Tribal Dances of India'.

She has often been on the forefront for expressing her ideas and theories. She completed her Doctorate in Anthropology and Political Science. As a social activist, she organizes and partakes a lot of Indo-Canadian events bringing together a harmonious hodgepodge of cultural communities, a Canadian society, Unity in Diversity.

With 15 plus years of experience in writing, research and journalism, she is the Chief Editor and founder publisher of Bharat Times Newspaper in Montreal, Canada. Since its inception in 2003, Bharat Times has been acclaimed because of its innovation and popularity, and its catchy style has often been imitated.

In recognition of her achievements, she received the Outstanding Business Person Award 2005, from NACOI, National Association of Canadians of Origins in India, at 25th Banquet Award Ceremony in Montreal, Canada. In 2006, she was the 'Hind-Ratan' Award nominee (Indian Jewel Award) from NRI (Non-Resident Indian) Welfare Society of India for the year 2006 in regards to the achievements in mass-media communication and implementation of a full- fledged intercultural newspaper in Canada.

In December 2012 she received a 'Writers Lifeline International Editor of the Year' award for her dedication to the cause of ethnic journalism and for promoting understanding through cultural activities and as the managing editor of Bharat Times.

Her book 'Peace through Violence or Non-Violence' has brought her a considerable degree or recognition not only in Canada but across the globe. She always acknowledges her parents who always taught her the path of Non-violence .



Madrid Team

Shefali Varma, Representative, Madridshefali

Born in New Delhi, Shefali Varma did her Masters in Spanish Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University. She also did her MBA in International Business from Instituto de Empresa, Madrid. With 20 years of experience in Indo-Spanish relations, she has been a passionate Hindi teacher for Spanish speakers. She pioneered Hindi courses in Madrid in 2008 and she has been actively involved in promoting Hindi in Spanish.  She is also an announcer in Spanish National Radio where she organizes India centric talks. In addition she is president of the Association of Women in South Asia which seeks solutions to issues of domestic and sexual violence against immigrant women in Spain. 

Nacido en Nueva Delhi, Shefali Varma hizo su maestría en Estudios Hispánicos desde la Universidad Jawaharlal Nehru. Mas adelante, ella cursó MBA en Negocios Internacionales desde Instituto de Empresa, Madrid. Con 20 años de experiencia en los asuntos indo-hispanos, ella ha sido muy activa en promover Hindi en España. Desde 2008, ella ha sido la pionera en empezar la enseñanza de Hindi para hispano parlantes en España. También es locutora en la Radio Nacional Española donde tiene un programa sobre la India. Aparte, es la Presidente de la  Asociación de Mujeres de Sud Asia por cual busca solución a la violencia domestica y sexual contra las mujeres inmigrantes de esta parte de Asia en España.


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