Hindi Courses at Hindi Center


There is more to effective cross-cultural communication than the spoken and written word. We focus not only on developing spoken, written and comprehension skills rather we also focus on giving inputs related to socio-cultural aspects of geographical boundaries of the Hindi language. We ensure that the programs are made as personalized as possible within a group-training environment by making it highly interactive through audio-visual support to make learning language an enjoyable experience.

Course Modules

Our curriculum is governed by our focus on enabling professionals to acquire the necessary proficiency  in Hindi. Our Center offers three levels of courses in Hindi:- a) Basic b) Intermediate c) Advance. Each course module is divided into 30 hours of interactive lectures followed by additional 30 hours of practical training. In the basic course, one gets basic knowledge of alphabets, grammar, sentence structure etc. and introduction to culture and history of the country or region where Hindi is spoken. In the Intermediate course, one practices more on day to day conversation and different situations including business environment. In the Advance course, one learns to appreciate the literature , culture and History of India.

Customized Courses for Foreign nationals 

In addition, Hindi Center also offers specialized and customized courses in Hindi and cross-cultural competence. Currently Hindi courses are being offered to foreign nationals and diplomats residing in India.


To make best use of analytical minds that working executives possess, we try to make use of favourable factors that help to teach adults who many times prefer to analyze, compare and deduce concepts making use of their already existing expression and comprehension skills in their own language. Accordingly, during the first phase, we follow the Grammar teaching method where more importance is given to learning of grammar rules, vocabulary and accuracy. The medium of instruction is English or Hindi or a personalized language as per the specific requirements of the students. In the second phase, once the students have been introduced to the basic rules of grammar and have started writing and reading, they are simultaneously introduced to Direct Teaching method, where by the instructions are given in the concerned language. Students are introduced to day-to-day vocabulary, and encouraged to develop oral communication skills in graded manner via demonstrations, use of pictures etc. Later, in the third phase after the basic rules of grammar have been taught and the students have begun expressing by associating their vocabulary with day-to-day life, they are taught using systematic principles of selection. This method focuses on developing oral expressions of the selected written material under the guidance of instructor, and slowly students are encouraged to develop writing skills.


All members of our teaching faculty are experienced trainers who have taken at least 05 years of formal training in concerned languages. Before they take up any training programs, our in-house experts equip them by providing special orientation classes that focus on use of latest study materials and use of inter-disciplinary methodology. Our faculty members are also taught how to motivate their students to create interest in the language they are learning and make best use of limited time they get out of their busy schedule. Needless to mention, our faculty members know where and when to give socio – cultural input to make language learning an enjoyable experience.