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We provide services in Hindi Language Training, Translation, Research and Publication and Organize events, seminar and conferences to connect India with the world

Hindi Center

Hindi Center is one of the leading translation and research centers with its headquarters in New Delhi and representative offices in Canada, USA, UK, Spain and Australia, . It specializes in Translation and Interpretation Services and provides a range of support services including research, publication and editing. In addition, it regularly organizes events, seminars and conferences on various themes related to translation, project management, culture studies and social media. Hindi Center maintains consultative relationship with various government agencies, universities and research centers within India and across the globe.

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Hindi Center follows Total Quality Management process in Translation by using services of qualified and experienced native translators. Our team consists of translators as well as reviewers with proven track record. They are specialists in specific subject areas and possess theoretical as well as technological know how to deliver functional adequacy in translation. Hindi Center follows translation quality control process as per EN 15038, ASTM 2575 as well as Canadian quality standards. Our domain specific corpora and terminology help us maintain consistency in translation, thus a good quality is always guaranteed.

Hindi Center

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It was pleasant surprise to know about Hindi Center. It helped me learn Hindi and know more about India. 


Hindi Center is managed by a professional team with global reach. 

Online training modules helped me a lot. I was able to save my time and put my efforts towards knowing India better.